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Will the label stain my doors?
Almost all adhesives are not designed for long term application and or sun exposure. Clean Seals have been naturally aged for 3 years indoor and one year outdoor without any evidence of staining. This is a pharmaceutical grade adhesive.

Will this remove cleanly from my doors?
Yes, there will be no adhesive left on your doors. If there is it will remove very easily by just rubbing it. The adhesive will ball right up and come off the door.

Are these seals really cost effective?
Yes. Basically, you are investing 16 cents to rent an $ 80 room. If you rent one more room your income goes up $79.84 . If you have a 100-room hotel with 30% occupancy and it goes up to 40% your income goes up 798.40 a day or almost $ 300,000 a year.

Plus, guests really like it so repeat customers go up.

There is no guarantee that occupancy rate will go up. So, why should I consider these seals?
That is absolutely right. The new reality is that guest safety from COVID 19 is key. When they are traveling this is number one on their mind. Advertising Sanitized and Sealed is critical. Clean Seals show them — in a dramatic way– that you care and satisfies your guest.

Are these easy to apply?
We certainly think so. The rolls are small so the maid can carry them easily, peel one off and stick it to the frame and the door. Job done!

Instead of having the word “open” pop out on the label can I get the name of my hotel?
Yes, 20,000 minimums

Can we get a colorful label?
Not a good idea. The more color the more of the “Open” message is covered up.

Do you have any samples?
Yes, we have samples and can get them out to you today.

Is there a discount for higher quantities?
Yes, on quantities of 50,000 or more.

Is there a way to figure out cost based on occupancy rate variable?
Yes, if you contact us, we can send you an excel calculator.

Are all surfaces safe for Clean Seals?